A Customer Intelligence Software prioritizing potential customers by understanding former sales success drivers.

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Time consuming prioritization of potential customers!

SYNTINELS provides you with a holistic thorough view on each new potential customer. You will only use one tool instead of five.

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First contacts with new potential customers often lead to frustrating rejections.

SYNTINELS enables you to have a profound understanding of your new potential customer before the first contact.

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Poor conversion rates, especially  along the upper sales funnel.

Driven by data and AI, SYNTINELS identifies relevant sales success drivers for your ideal customers. As a result you will get a prioritization of your highest converting potential customers.

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We enable all B2B companies to grow faster based on Customer Intelligence!

A Customer Intelligence Software prioritizing potential customers
by understanding former sales success drivers.

How Syntinels Works

Low data requirements lead to major outputs with SYNTINELS.

In order to obtain precious information about your existing customers and to transfer these insights into new potential customers, SYNTINELS matches your CRM data with the internal database.

Understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Getting insights into your ideal customer is the key success driver.

SYNTINELS conducts numerous analysis procedures and visualizes the Ideal Customer Profile based on your former sales success drivers.

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Identification of new potential customers

Engaging and closing only high converting potential customers.

SYNTINELS prioritizes new potential customers based on your ideal customer insights.

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Deep Insights & Data Enrichment

Ability to gain insights on every single potential customer!

SYNTINELS provides detailed information on financials, industry, contact person and many more of your new potential customer - always with a link back to your Ideal Customer Profile.

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How Syntinels Works

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